Anonymous asked:

Ur comin to buck right? U been babbling about it for weeks... i want u to tell u this if u appear there then i will fuckin kill u at the first sight of u. U fucktrash piece of shit and kill your positivity vibe you act like nothing is wrong with ur life no one can have such a life you moron stop acting like ur something special

Who would warn anyone before attempting killing them? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

Anyways, I live my life like I want to live it, my family is caring and has always been supportive. I have friends who’s there in a flick if I’m down, for example this whole summer vacation i’ve been able to do nothing due to the surgery and they’re there to talk, i enjoy that :)

I have no reason not to live my life positively, cause there is nothing negative about it.

I might have strayed off topic, but the lame message you wrote to me wasn’t really worth reading.

Have a nice day! Goodnight :)

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